Years ago gamers found it difficult to communicate to each other during the bloody wars and fights online. Today Ventrilo download has ended this problem as it provides a very high quality sound program for talking to each other over the internet. The developers say they found their niche in the category that had a big hole before they filled it up with Ventrilo.

The method of communication or transmitting voice over the internet using the IP is the new technology that is creating waves of changes in the field of communications. This technique is known as Voice over IP, or IP telephony. This technology could be considered as a major breakthrough in the field of telecommunications of this decade. This had lowered the dependency on conventional landline services and is also cheap to implement. There are various software that was brought to market that varied in the features and ability to handle the data. Industries have been utilizing this technology to the max, since its availability in the consumer market in the form of different software and services. One of such software, known as Ventrilo, is also very successful and enhanced software, which is being considered as the best next thing for VoIP communication services. The software is such a success that other software are being developed using its performance as reference point.

Ventrilo is very renowned software as it has a vast set of features. The best thing about the feature is that it offers surround sound effects for every user per channel on each server. The software provides different options to the user using which, the user can decide how he want to listen to the sounds sent by other users. And the best part is that the software uses the CPU scarcely, which means that there is no burden on the processor and also that it means there is no requirement for a high-end computer. The user interface is designed in such a way that even the first time users will learn about all its features in no time. It is easy to configure and setup and one can start using it right away.

Ventrilo’s New User Interface

Several versions of this software have been released. The most recent one is the 3.0, which has some upgrades from the previous ones. This new version has more controls on the user windows. The window’s width could be controlled by selecting the options properly. There are toolbar mode, different buttons and icons in the window and are easy to understand. They are also customizable able for user’s further ease. There isn’t anything too complicated and one can easily understand how to use the software. Despite the changes the user brought to the interface, the important features and icons are still available to the user. There is no requirement to search in the different levels of the menu, only to send a message to another user. A complete methodology to set-up the software is available online on Ventrilo’s official website.

Supporting Platforms

The Client Server architecture is used in Ventrilo. Different platforms that could support the Client includes; MS Windows 9x, XP, Mac OSX 1.3 or higher. For the server, MS Windows 9x, XP, Solaris Sparc and i386, Mac OSX, FreeBSD are some of the supporting platforms.  While using the Windows based platforms, one can configure the server manually or use an NT service for Win XP or 2000 operating system. The advantage of using the NT service is that it could used to start the server in the form of number instances. IT also provides the option of restarting the servers automatically, if there is any error bug detected. As for the UNIX system, one can start the server manually, as in the case of MS Windows environment. The other option is to run it in background as a daemon. The UNIX environment also provides the option for starting multiple instances on one PC.

Ventrilo 3.0 & Its Features:

There are unlimited amount of features available with this new version of Ventrilo. These features make this software the best there is available for VoIP. With the software a user can communicate with more than one person at a time using cross channel. The software allows a private conversation between two users as well as the option of phantom users, which means one could listen to the conversation being done on other channels. The users are also allowed to create their own channels dynamically. Time limits could be put upon the transmissions on the channels, channels which could be sub, muted or queued. A client limit could also be se used to endure maximum performance of each channel.

More advanced feature of the software included protecting the channels and servers using proper authentication methods, such as using username and passwords, admin passwords and channel controlling and filtering. Sending Text-to-speech messages and other voice generation and playback features are also available. There is a messenger like chatting service available, which includes putting up comments that could be viewed by all the users on the server or channel. Notifications are provided in case of certain events or receiving of TTS. Server administration could be remotely performed including the administration of the properties of the server. Key binds are available to mute the microphone or the sound, with other variable sound effects. There is a server browser readily available with the software. The software can also enable users to record the voice streams or play them back. This could be a great feature especially if all the users on the server are asked to watch a presentation. There are two modes that allow the user to talk, which include the usual press to talk service, as well as more advanced feature of voice activation.

Ventrilo provides support on multiple platforms, such as Windows and Mac OS, for both server and the clients. The servers are also supported on the 64 bit versions of the above OS. There are no Spyware or Adware attached with the software, thus, ensuring the safety of the users on the server. There are specified codecs available which could be used to control the quality of the voice communication. Other than that, there are many options that are available for the user to customize according to the requirements or ease.

Ventrilo is easily available for download on the official website and could be purchased from there as well. The website provides detailed information on how to setup the software, and there are many important topics discussed in the F.A.Q section.