Ventrilo, known as Vent to some users, is a professional voice over internet protocol application with an interface that allows text chatting. Ventrilo, as most of the similar programs, works on the client-server model of software, coming as freeware. The freeware version is good to be used by up to 8 users that are connected to one server. However, if users decide that they need to rent a server; this number can grow up significantly to 300-400 users per rented server.

On the official introduction we find out what it can provide to its users:
• They say that it is the best voice over internet protocol software that allows groups of people to communicate.
• The quality of the sound is another strong point of Ventrilo. They use surround sound with a bunch of configuration levels and customizable settings. This means that each user can adjust the sound experience to his or her liking.
• Ventrilo is also famous as far as software optimization goes. CPU resources won’t really feel exhausted if you will use Ventrilo all the time, allowing you to do all of your daily activities with Ventrilo running, being unbothered by its presence (running in the background).
• The GUI (graphical user interface) of Ventrilo was designed in an effective and simplistic way. This is why basically any user can easily learn how to use Ventrilo in a matter of minutes, as the most important and significant functions and settings are well represented graphically, so that with a couple of clicks you will get what you want immediately.
• After installing, you can easily configure the appearance of the main window. These settings are also put out in a practical way, easy to manage.
• You can use passwords to protect your Ventrilo servers, creating logins and channels for your users.
• Since you can create channels and logins on the servers, you will also have administrator settings, such as administrator passwords.
• If you feel like you would ever need this feature, it is there: you can use the included text to speech engine to speak out loudly what has been written. This may be useful sometimes, especially if you are not watching your screen but want to hear what is going on meanwhile.
• Any user can leave comments that can be read by any other user from that server.
• You will connect to the server easily, as you won’t have to deal with IP numbers – Ventrilo assigns names instead.
• Servers are fully supported on 64 bit platforms.
• Display modes can be customized by users.
• The server is made to be portable, supported on multiple platforms.

As you can read above, Ventrilo does bring a lot of important features and benefits. One of the main benefits it has that the server is supported on systems running on Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and a few others. The client also works on Windows and Mac OS X. Even more importantly, it is now available for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows. If you couldn’t use Ventrilo because of your 64 bit upgrade, that is not the case anymore. Download it and enjoy the benefits and features!