Invention of internet has resulted in the world becoming smaller and smaller. People from any part of the world are able to communicate with someone in another part wherever it is. The greatness of the system is that there is no waiting time involved. You can talk to any person the moment you decide to have a chat with someone immediately. This has also brought various innovations in the way people can communicate. Several systems have been created for communication purposes and Ventrilo is one of them. The software also included text chats. The service is offered free through the server.

Video conferencing has been in practice for quite a number of years now. It saves people a lot of traveling and also expenses connected with it like airfare, hotel charges, expenses on food and conveyance etc. A similar service is being provided and other software like it to have conference of several people in different region to have discussion on any subject of common interest. This service can be used for8 people at the same time through the same server. Ventrilo can be used for several systems like Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows and the several UNIX variants.

Users are able to use either Mac OSX or Windows. However, there are users using Mac OSX unable to make proper use of most servers. As a variant of Ventrilode which is for iPhone and iPod Touch. The main codecs that has been supported by Ventrilo are Speex and GSM Full Rate, which gives it a great versatility for use, benefitting a vast clientele. The system could be set up for server to complement the website that can communicate with those having a common interest or sharing one. The conference facility can be used for official purposes, talking to a number of friends at the same time or talking different people living different places.

People using it for personal purpose usually get a great feeling of excitement. Apart from taking it can also be used for playing online games that are organized for the purpose. The facility of being able to talk to the participants of the game is really a thrill and the result is a feeling of great satisfaction. Group discussions, irrespective of the purpose become more purposeful when conducted through the use. Even in situations where there is no voice communication support, by introducing Ventrilo, it is possible to have long distance conferences.  It is more purposeful and productive.

If there are people who are averse to talking to different people at the same time they can use the combination of Ventrilo combined with IRC. The person or persons involved in the communication can also benefit from this process if they are also inclined not to talk. Other than for the conferences, private users avail of the service to play games within the same team or as a multiplayer game. Ventrilo is preferred by players of games for the use of CPU can be minimal. It can also be used for a general voice check radio shows.